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This is shamama

The creative head behind the SHAMAMA team is Madeleine Dumhart. The Austrian has been working as a shaman for many years and now brings her knowledge about the power of nature and subtle energies freely available to everyone in the form of shamanic sprays and essences into the living rooms at home.  


SHAMAMA's corporate principles are clear: regional products, raw materials and active ingredients in resonance with nature. This is where holistic fine-material aids for body, mind and soul are created. 

Qualitäts Energiesprays


All our products are developed according to the principles of shamanic natural teachings. Harvesting and raw material use is carried out under consideration of ancient shamanic traditions.
The recipe and production is in harmony with the spirits of nature and in resonance with plants, animals, gems and elements. Our products are subject to constant controls and are constantly being further developed. 

Decelerated and conscious processes make our products unique gifts of our nature.

Schamanische Sprays Energie Auraspray

Natalie, 32

"The products of SHAMAMA offer the foundation for a balanced energetic life energy. You can feel the quality and the heart that is inside the essences".

Anja, 29

"Just try it! SHAMAMA is magic to spray."

Mathias, 39

"Supporting aids for everyday life. Nice team and good service."

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