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This is shamama

The creative head behind the SHAMAMA team is Madeleine Dumhart. The Austrian has been working as a shaman for many years and now brings her knowledge about the power of nature and subtle energies freely available to everyone in the form of shamanic sprays and essences into the living rooms at home.  


SHAMAMA's corporate principles are clear: regional products, raw materials and active ingredients in resonance with nature. This is where holistic fine-material aids for body, mind and soul are created. 

"The products from SHAMAMA provide the foundation for a balanced energetic life energy. You can feel the quality and the heart that is in the essences."


"Die Produkte von SHAMAMA bieten den Grundstein für eine ausgewogene energetische Lebensenergie. Man spürt die Qualität und das Herz, dass in den Essenzen drinnen steckt."


"I got from a friend  a  of your wonderful sprays - is wonderfully fresh! It has a cleansing effect for me, I also take it to the hospital - should give me support. I think it's great that you can conjure up something like that, naturally, good. At the moment I prefer the spray to my Tiffany perfume. "


"I have already tried a kind of demarcation spray from other brands. I am now convinced of the Shamama spray 'demarcation'. What I like is the scent that seems stronger to me than other suppliers. But not only the oils, also the natural essences do Your positive effect on me. "


"Super fast delivery! You can feel it energetically quickly, plus a refreshing fragrance - many thanks to the Shamama team."


"Supporting aids for everyday life. Nice team and good service."


"Just try it! SHAMAMA is magic to spray."


"I now use the Sleep & Relax room spray several times a day and I don't want to go without it anymore. I've already ordered 3 more. Recommended!"


"I gave away a couple of gift boxes with the Shamama energy sprays for Christmas. There were always the" room energy spray "and the" love ", the third spray I chose to match the person. I had such good feedback from my friends. That was for me  sometimes a sustainable gift that brings joy and good energy. "


"I think the Shamama branded products have a certain natural honesty.

There is no chi-chi . "


"Very gentle fragrances, rather unobtrusive. Long-lasting effectiveness of the essences noticeable."


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